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Scale Without Hassle

Increase your brand outreach, convert visitors into regular customers and
drive incremental sales without any roadblocks


Deliver your customers their desired shopping experience with user-friendly apps.

Scale at Length

Our AWS backed ecommerce solution ensures your business does not hit the ceiling at any point of time.

Track your

Use easy-to-analyze data to make
informed decisions and convert
them into actions.

Use easy-to-analyze data to make informed decisions and convert them into actions.

Effective Promotion

Convert every visit into a purchase. Design coupons and discounts of your choice to keep visitors engaged and increase their cart value.

Embrace the Change & Thrive

Increase your team’s productivity by automating the tedious tasks.

Everything at a glance

View & control the entire business operations from a single panel.


We deliver everything your business needs

Our restaurant online ordering software and the evolving technology walk hand in hand.
Bringing robust features regularly for your continuous growth.

Customer App

From simple sign-up to live-order tracking, provide your customers with all the convenience at one place.

Driver App

Boost customer satisfaction by making your drivers more productive. The app displays the optimal route.

Customer Website

Our customizable, fast and responsive website ensures a delightful order placement journey for your customers.

Merchant App

Increase your productivity by simplifying merchant’s work with an easy-to-navigate merchant app.

Admin Panel

Have business reins in your hands. Control your entire business flow with an all-in-one admin panel.


For errorless and instant deliveries, auto-assign the drivers with the smart and intelligent Autozod.

frequently asked questions

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Can the customers live-track the drivers carrying their orders?

Yes, with the help of the ordering app, customers can easily track the drivers carrying their orders. Apart from this, customer will also receive real-time order updates.

I want orders to be delivered only in a particular area. What can be done for that?

Yes, our hyperlocal eCommerce delivery solution allows you to create multiple delivery zones of any shape and size in a particular area. The order can be placed only if the delivery location is within these zones.

How many merchants/sellers can be onboarded using hyperlocal eCommere delivery solution?

You can onboard as many merchants/sellers as you want without worrying about any lack of performance.

Can the customers pay using cryptocurrencies?

Our hyperlocal ecommerce solution is integrated with a payment gateway named Coinbase which accepts cryptocurrencies as the mode of transaction.

What is the support facility provided by the Hyperzod?

In case of any issue, the support team can be easily contacted by raising a ticket directly through the admin panel of our hyperlocal ecommerce delivery solution.

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