The powerful Autozod

For automated delivery management system

Automatic Allotment of Orders

Autozod tracks the location and status, in real time, of all the delivery agents which enables the system to receive, assign, and deliver all the incoming orders without human assistance.

The entire process can be tracked live on Autozod. From reception and assignment to the delivery of the product along with the status of all the delivery agents.

Buys You Time.

Technology, real-time data, and complex calculations go in, Time comes out.
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Autozod makes use of real-time driver data combined with complex calculations to automatically assign orders to the most suitable delivery agents. Saves time. Saves effort.
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Distance Based Incentive

Feature to help you pay your delivery agents their fair share by calculating incentive based on the distance travelled.

  • Customizable slabs for incentives

  • Helps in managing finances

  • Distance based

  • Time based

Automatic allotment of orders

Autozod is all about automation. Automation is all about saving time and effort, speeding up productivity and giving you the freedom to organise other parts of your business

Complete ordering flow in the blink of an eye

An instant delivery solution that has an eye on the future needs of customers

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