Ordering App

An entire world of purchase at your fingertips

A dynamic, easy to navigate product ordering app & website that allows you to browse online deliveries of any nature, whether that be for food, flowers or even car parts to be delivered straight to your front door.

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Bringing delights home.

One click at a time.

Embedded with eloquently laid down sections for maximum visibility for all kinds of products.

Ordering App

Designed to convert prospects to customers

The never seen before ease of ordering for a sublime customer experience.

Location Based Store discovery

Multivendor Marketplace Support

Product Options & Add-Ons with AR Product Experience

Delivery & Pickup with Coupon Support

Secure Online Payment Options including Stripe, PayPal & more

Live Order Tracking

Boundless Business, One Platform, Infinite Possibilities

Comprehensive support for single-vendor, multi-vendor, and multi-branch businesses

Design Divine Websites and Apps for Your Store

Effortlessly build and customize your online store's website and mobile app with our powerful page builder tool

Precision perimeter, custom geofence for targeted delivery

Easily draw precise boundaries for each store to define their specific operational zones.

Empowering super-fast deliveries

Join the revolution & surprise your customers with super fast delivery experience!

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Live Order Tracking

Track your orders as they come to you. No more time estimates, no more confusion.

Order Scheduling

It’s a bazaar and a little bizarre — surprises await with smart discovery.

Safe and Secure

A cloud based ecosystem to keep all the happenings leakproof and threat free yet powerful and quick.

Your customer’s magic window to let them discover all the 5-star products.

Whether you’re staying loyal to your favourite companies or looking to find something new, super quick ordering and real-time order tracking will keep you coming back time and time again.

Ordering Website

Radius Based Search

Radius range and location-based search detect nearby stores automatically.

Smart Product Discovery

Intelligent tools like tags and filters ensure the display of the desired products in just a few clicks.

Accept Online Payments

Accept crypto and other forms of payments through various secure gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and Coinbase.

Seamless Experience

It’s quick, intuitive, and interactive. It’s your friend.

Empowering quick commerce globally

Join the revolution & surprise your customers with super fast delivery experience!

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Power packed delivery solution to kickstart your online business.