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The ultimate master panel for executives to keep an eye on their business from assigning orders to delivery boys to confirming orders from the customers themselves. Keep in control every step of the way too with the assistance of accurate and helpful analytics.

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To keep your business
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Centralised Management

Gives you not just a bird’s eye view but also the power to control the business operations at different levels.

Absolute Control

Grants you full access to change
settings or fix issues, at different levels, giving you absolute control over every event of your business.

A central place to manage incoming orders effortlessly. Zero hassle and maximum control.

A pivotal panel to superwise incoming orders — Effective. Efficient. Effortless.

Radius-based Settings

To save you time and lower delivery costs, the software features radius-based settings for the nearest stores and merchants.

Detailed Analytics

To save you time and lower delivery costs, the software features radius based settings for the nearest stores and merchants.

Downloadable Reports

Feature to download your data for a deeper analysis and better understanding.

Real-time Reporting

Instant updates on the happenings, at literally the speed of light, making anticipation a thing of the past.

Multi-level Access

Freedom to freely manage your business operations happening at different levels.

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