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Ensuring the road to profit is an easy one.

A dynamic, easy to navigate product ordering app & website that allows you to browse online deliveries of any nature, whether that be for food, flowers or even car parts to be delivered straight to your front door.

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The only tool you need.

From managing orders to collecting data — effortlessly.

Translates taps into a multidimensional communication.

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Order Notifications

Empowers the app with customizable notification settings that make sure that the notifications don’t go unseen.

Easy Order Dispatch

Talks and coordinates with the driver app behind the curtain ensuring fluid order dispatches.

Easy Order Management

The most user friendly tool to work with. All it needs is a few taps and the work is done.

Detailed Order Statistics

Never forgets to collect all valuable data while managing the orders. Shows you the most important stats using charts & figures.

Detailed Sales Report

Colour-coded visual representation
of sales data to let you see for yourself what sells the most and what doesn’t.

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