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Say goodbye to disorganized incoming orders with a smart, powerful dashboard where you'll find everything you need to complete your job quickly and efficiently while also being able to optimise your delivery times and boost your income in the process.

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Quick Map Navigation

Takes the driver to the map in just a single click. Tap to navigate. Navigate. Order delivered.

Order Stats

Lets the driver evaluate their performance at a glance by showing them the daily stats.

Gives a Personalised Experience

Lets the driver know his profile details at a glance. Or make changes if necessary.

Live Order Status

Helps the driver plan the trip. Eliminates the hassle of calls giving the smoothest experience possible.

Quick Access Buttons

Lets the driver land on the most used sections making the user experience buttery smooth.

The app leverages the Google Maps API for a swift and accurate navigation.
Leaves no stones unturned in assisting the driver reach the customer.

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