Why is White Label Food Delivery App Ideal for your Business?

Why is White Label Food Delivery App Ideal for your Business?

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Physiological needs, of which need for food is the most basic one, ought to be satisfied anyhow. Quite interestingly though, contemporary businesses and consumers cannot look anywhere for it beyond white label food delivery apps.”

1. Introduction

The world is full of modern consumers who are responding exceptionally well to the needs generated by today’s food delivery apps. Knowing that the human need for food is one of the most pressing ones, businesses into the food delivery space have been making rampant sales by providing the customers, delicacies of their choice. Food, as a matter of fact, is the most essential thing a person needs to survive, and with white label food delivery apps being around, they don’t have to look too far away to relish sumptuous food items.

With smartphones in hand, easy access to the internet and too many food delivery platforms to choose from in the twenty first century, the consumers lately, have realized this need even more, often on a daily basis. In fact, food ordering and delivery services through mobility solutions have made it easier for people to cherish their meals conveniently at their designated places- be it home, office, outdoors, on the transit or anywhere else.

With a surge in demand for online food ordering, it would be apt asserting over here that food delivery software and apps have certainly simplified many a business and consumer lives and have provided readily available solutions to them. Attribute it to giants like Uber Eats and Grubhub that have perfectly weaved technology and convenience together and have made it easy for consumers to instantly order their favourite meals via different mobile apps. To facilitate this convenience and keep the revenue cycle intact, relatively new entrants in the market have to consistently brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas. This has led to the rise of white label food delivery apps.

White label food delivery apps, by virtue of their ability to cater to all sort of delivery demands, have extended great support to food businesses who have been satisfying consumer needs quite successfully over the last few years or so. Remember, the covid19 pandemic times that struck us all in the first quarter of 2020 and home contained everyone? Or don’t you remember the social distancing times when sitting together and having food with your near and dear ones became the most wanted thing and nothing short of a luxury?

It must have been some white label food delivery software/food delivery app who met your hunger needs back then. So, what’s a white label food delivery app that has come to our rescue when it was needed, an app that we as consumers have often wishfully resorted to, and an app that is reaching out to increasing number of consumer households every day. Let us know about them.

2. Knowing A White Label Food Delivery App Like The Back Of Your Hand

It must have been some white label food delivery software/food delivery app who met your hunger needs back then. So, what’s a white label food delivery app that has come to our rescue when it was needed, an app that we as consumers have often wishfully resorted to, and an app that is reaching out to increasing number of consumer households every day. Let us know about them.

The white label food delivery app provides solutions intended at empowering businesses to offer great online delivery support at an unmatchable pace. A white label delivery solution is ideally a prebuilt app solution that includes all the essential modules to start running your delivery business online.

All in all, with an efficient white label food delivery software or app available at a business’s disposal, solutions are easy to find and doorstep deliveries are facilitated to the core. But the question is- how easy is it to find a food delivery app that perfectly fits a business’s bill?

The following checklist of white label food delivery app features can serve as a strong basis for businesses to figure out the best app for themselves. As interesting and enriching the white label food delivery app experiences are becoming, so are its features. Let us have a look at them.

3. Interesting And Noteworthy Features Of A White Label Food Delivery App

a. Ordering App

  • Simple sign up- The most fundamental thing to take care of while choosing a white label food delivery app is to ensure that its operations are simple and easy. Complex and lengthy sign-up processes render the app useless.
  • Smart product discovery- Intelligence in apps is a thing to be cherished. The one you intend to buy for your business can smartly and instantly make available the products of customers’ choice. This feature can help your business stay distinguished and ahead of others.
  • Quick ordering- Apps that inherently and by virtue of mechanized processes facilitate quick ordering of products give advantage to businesses. Hence, it’s important to look for this feature in apps.
  • Multiple payment options- Customers of today coming online from diverse backgrounds look for multiple payment options on food delivery apps. While some may prefer making cash payments, others may look for secure payment gateways viz a viz Stripe, PayPal and Coinbase. Having a white label food delivery app that has PayPal, Stripe, etc., integrated into the software can be a bang for the buck as they really provide transactional ease and convenience of the next level. Businesses should ensure the availability of such advanced payment services and multiple payment gateway options to avoid any transactional bottlenecks.
  • Live order tracking- Who doesn’t like to be notified about the progress their order makes? Right from ordering the food, it getting prepared and to it getting ready for delivery, a great white label delivery app provides live order tracking feature to its customers. This can help businesses stay procedurally transparent and ensures customers about the right timing of their delivery.

b. Driver App

  • Route optimization through Live GPS tracking- Tracking the location in real time through GPS is a feature of highly efficient food delivery software and apps that acts as an icing on the cake for onboard businesses. Such a feature helps display the most optimized route to the driver and speeds up the process of reaching the merchant and the customer. So, it’s really important to ensure your business avails this feature.
  • Task dashboard- This feature makes deliveries easy for the drivers. Through this feature, orders are received on the driver app which helps the driver to know the details of the ordered food item, the merchant and customer’s address, etc. This, along with route optimization feature, helps the drivers in making an assessment of how quickly they can pick and deliver a particular ordered item.
  • Task report- As is the case with every task performed that there needs to be a report card, so is with this feature. Herein, the driver can view the history of the orders and deliveries made by him. A detailed report of what has been achieved by the delivery drivers further motivates him to do better and achieve more delivery milestones.
  • Driver wallet management- Wallet management for drivers is a feature of selected white label food delivery apps. Through this, drivers can track the earnings they have made through deliveries. Just a single tap and click, and they are good to find how much they have earned.
  • Instant notification- In this fast-paced world of superfast deliveries of delectable food items, instant notifications about an order are accepted with a warm embrace. Customers of all sorts and backgrounds like to be notified instantly for what they order. So, picking up on a white label food delivery app that can instantly notify can be an added advantage. To put an example in point over here, Hyperzod relies on firebase- an app backed by google, as a service provider in order to provide push notifications.

c. Merchant App

  • User-friendly interface- The more user-friendly is the interface, the increased the likelihood to attract users naturally to your business. Prior to choosing any food delivery software or app, it must be ensured that the interface is easy to handle, appealing and user friendly. So, businesses must be mindful while making a choice between various white label food delivery apps.
  • Instant ordering and approval facility- We are living in an age where online orders and deliveries are met instantly. Any business caught lacking on that front shall suffer and hence no business will like that. To assist such facilities of instant ordering and approval, automation plays a pivotal role viz a viz- ‘auto confirmation of orders’ and ‘auto assignment of drivers.’ These features then can help you stay distinguished. So, to ensure that the software you plan to have, has such features, is business prudence.
  • Real time notification- Real time notifications provide a lot of power to businesses since they can be notified of all the updates and progress in real time. This makes the business more responsible in terms of discharging their duties and helps work on any form of deviation from the intended course. Such a feature empowers the app with customizable notification settings that make sure that the notifications do not go unseen.
  • Order reports and detailed order statistics- This feature in food delivery software and apps enables the merchants to have access to a detailed analysis of all the orders that are there- both pending and delivered. By having detailed order reports and statistics, merchants with the help of strong analytics can further put their best foot forward in devising marketing strategies and plans, as they have a comprehensive know-how of the customers’ orders, sales generated, ratings secured, etc. For instance, how frequently a customer makes an order? Or which particular fast-food item is being ordered the most? How many sales are generated? etc. Such a feature in a white-label food delivery apps collects all the valuable data while it manages the orders. It shows the most important and relevant statistics using charts and figures.

d. Admin Panel

  • A neat dashboard for statistics- Having a neat and categorically classified dashboard for all the products can be any businesses’ dream. This can have other businesses envying you. So, it is suggested that before choosing a food delivery app, go for the one that offers a neat and classified dashboard to make the most of statistics and improve business decision making.
  • Multi level access- This feature empowers businesses to freely manage their business operations happening across different levels. This is one of the most sought features for businesses that have quick scalability prospects.
  • Product management- A wide array of products can get difficult to manage on the delivery app if it is substandard. A robust white label food delivery app provides great ease of managing a wider portfolio of products.
  • Radius based setting- This feature helps businesses stay distinguished in the highly intensive marketplace. The food delivery app, backed by a robust software, looks for the nearest stores and merchants through radius-based settings. This helps lower delivery costs and saves a lot of time.
  • Real time monitoring- Admins, through this feature, exert great control over what they want. By having a bird’s eye view of everything that is happening as a part of their business activity, they can keep a close watch on them. Instant updates on the happenings of business keeps everything in perfect control.
  • Geofencing- With geofencing feature, you can inform customers if there’s high traffic at the restaurant and you can’t serve their order at the moment. This way, you’ll effectively manage their expectations and ensure you don’t rub them off the wrong way. Geofencing enables a business to avoid deliveries of those areas that may be hassling for them. This can be so done by drawing a fence that limits deliveries to a particular area only. This feature helps businesses stay alert and efficient.
  • Absolute control- This feature grants you full access to change settings or fix business related issues, at various levels, thereby providing a complete and absolute control over every event of your business.

4. Who All Can Go For A White Label Food Delivery App

White label food delivery apps can come in pretty handy for the following parties-

5. The Existing Scenario Of White Label Food Delivery Apps And Associated Services

When they say necessity is the mother of all inventions, how right are they? Perhaps, a lot. Were there no pandemic like situations across the length and breadth of the globe and growing sedentary habits of worldwide consumers, the need to get instant delivery of food would not have been felt. With the same token of urgency, white label food delivery apps would not have acquired the present shape and position. They have actually succeeded a lot of things and contemporary consumers and businesses are literally drooling over the utilities of a white label food delivery app.

It would not be wrong to assert that such has been the utility of white label food delivery apps that modern day business owners and new start-ups are going ga-ga over it. They are indisputably choosing white label solutions over independent branding. Because of such preferred and predominant choices of theirs, white label branding is gaining huge global popularity with each passing day as the tech world readies and braces itself up to develop at an even faster pace.

Previously, a considerable amount of time was spent on the development of online tools, testing of the products, beta-testing with real people, marketing, advertising, promoting and delivering, etc. However, this scenario has witnessed a significant change in today’s fast paced times. Today if you want to market and position your product better, you don’t have to worry about building your own online resources. All that is required on your part as a contemporary business is to reach out to and integrate with a white label food delivery app to solve all your delivery problems.

6. White Label Food Delivery App For Your Business- Worth One’s Weight In Gold

Putting across simply, white label food delivery apps, as of modern times, are highly valuable. As time passes, they are only going to get dearer. Though the number of reasons to get your business running via a white label food delivery app cannot be contained to just a few, it is important to know the principal ones that are compelling businesses into it day by day. After all, finding a platform for your business to get going was never this easy.

Let us gain important insights as to how white label food delivery apps can give many businesses a bang for their buck and can turn the tide in their favor with utmost ease.

Low overhead costs: Getting your business onboard an efficient white label food delivery app can really help economize overall costs. With them in place, restaurant owners and culinary entrepreneurs can eliminate huge overhead costs that may otherwise go in setting up a different team for building products or managing online promotions.

Boosts brand visibility: Branding is a thing that is often a precursor to all businesses that aspire to succeed. So, who wouldn’t like it? White label apps, by virtue of their increasing popularity, provide businesses with immense power and opportunity to make their brands come upfront and increase their visibility. Choosing a white label solution is a prudent and quick way to put your food delivery business in front of a large target audience and increase the brand’s visibility.

Easy customization: White label food delivery apps are highly flexible and hence adaptive in terms of offering what their customers want. To cope up with evolving demands and transforming consumer taste, restaurants and new age entrepreneurs can add new features to a white label solution and customize it as per their business requirements. Moreover, they can advertise their products and set pricing plans as per their needs to generate more revenue. On the whole, reaching out to customers through well planned adaptation/customization and promoting new products becomes easy with a white label food delivery app.

Time saver: ‘What is meant by the saying- time is money?’ Practically mentioning, developing a food delivery app for your restaurant can be a strenuous and time taking task, wherein every additional minute wasted is an opportunity lost that you could have made money in. Instead of wasting a considerable amount of time on designing, testing, etc, choosing a white label delivery app for your food business can be serious time saver. After all, quick product launches are only possible through such white label apps. Moreover, by virtue of being highly efficient and super quick in executing delivery orders, white label delivery apps are as fast as the speed of light. As a result of this, the time so saved can be utilized by spending it on other useful business activities.

Increased profits: With more and more consumers switching to online food delivery apps in order to feed themselves every day, a restaurant’s profits are surely a thing to watch out for. As convenient and user friendly as the food delivery apps continue getting, on board restaurants have a high likelihood to make increased profits for every sale they make. Perhaps this may be the reason why an increasing number of culinary entrepreneurs and aspiring food businesses are getting onboard such platforms.

Soaring demand: The pandemic circumstance has quite considerably contributed to the soaring demand of food via delivery apps. Much before the covid-19 pandemic struck the world, people everywhere were getting used to food delivery apps. The introduction of Covid-19 facilitated its use and made it more prevalent. Research shows that post-pandemic, more than 70% of customers have started to use their mobile applications and restaurant-specific apps as an integral part of their dining journey. Food deliveries are on the rise, and users are finding it extremely convenient to browse through and order their favorite food items with just a few clicks and taps. Surveys have shown that users no longer want to go through drive-throughs and counters to grab their meals, especially due to the need to maintain contactless deliveries. With the impact of covid-19 getting lessened by a remarkable degree now, the widespread use of food delivery apps doesn’t look to wane anytime soon. Or does it?

7. Conclusive Words

Like the above question, the answers to many more such questions lie with all of us, food businesses and culinary entrepreneurs. Only if we have a discerning business mind and a prudent corporate approach, can we make our restaurant find a robust white label food delivery platform for its smooth running.

Or, can we provide wings to our entrepreneurial ideas through any of the white label food delivery apps so that they help our business get up high in the sky, soaring and roaring like all great businesses do?

We just need to be clear with the fact that businesses and white label food delivery apps, bundled as one, are something both businesses and consumers are crazy about, and they certainly are a desirable and most sought-after destination, keeping in mind the current scenario and trends in the food delivery industry. Contemporary businesses are undoubtedly functioning better and ruling supreme through white label food delivery apps. So, which white label food delivery app is your business picking up anytime soon?

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