Ordering and Delivery Solution

Hyperlocal Ordering and Delivery Solution

Centrally manage your business operations on a single panel with a hyperlocal ordering and delivery solution

Trusted by the best in the world

All Your Restaurant Tasks
are Done in one place

From order placement to delivery, get real-time updates on each step

Auto confirmation of orders

With scalability comes responsibility, our complete delivery solution gives you the freedom to outsource your responsibility with auto confirmation of orders.

Auto assignment of drivers

Assign the orders automatically to the driver through Autozod. Reduce the burden of manual assignment with our reliable hyperlocal ordering and delivery solution.

Third Party Delivery

Power to outsource your delivery with the option of on demand Third Party Delivery solution to let you manage deliveries better.


Empower your deliveries by drawing the delivery area on any geographical terrain.

Order information

For providing tailored services to your customers, get meta information of orders like payment mode, source device, etc. at a glance.

Order Status

Colour coded panels with real time updates for order statuses to help you better manage your orders.

Ultimate Platform to monitor your
online store

An expert companion for your business. Our hyperlocal ordering and delivery solution comes with
power packed statistical tools to let you measure your business growth and tread accordingly.

Unfold a new

Transform your business from a single merchant to your own marketplace with a few simple steps. Onboard multiple merchants and drivers with simple sign-up. Get out of the box support for the integration of industry-leading payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, and many more.

Hyperzod offers you

the best
solution for
your hyperlocal ordering and delivery business

Up to

10x more sales

Reasonable commission, more merchants

Up to

5x less costing

Less friction, more sales and more profit.

Powered By

The Best in Class

Relies on the industry-leading technology providers for a powerful backbone.

boost your sales with

automated delivery system

More orders. More sales. More productivity. Make the best use of
the technology without worrying about the technicalities.
Automatically assign the drivers through Autozod for a speedy
growth of your business enroute to scalability.

We’re as good as they say we are

Take a short journey of our hyperlocal ordering and delivery software through their experience.

frequently asked questions

Got Questions? Look Here

What security do you provide in case of a cyber attack?

We protect the data through the Cloudflare service and provide a free SSL certificate for protecting your website. In case there is a breach, we provide data backup every three hours. However, Hyperzod never faced such an attack. So, one doesn’t need to worry.

How many drivers can sign up on online restaurant delivery software?

An infinite number of drivers can be onboarded through the hyperlocal ordering and delivery software.

Does the hyperlocal order and delivery solution give the option of age verification?

Yes, Hyperzod is integrated with Berbix for Id verification. One can verify age using this third party before check out. However, it is optional.

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