hyperlocal order and delivery software

Boost your business growth by deploying your own hyperlocal order and delivery software.

Auto confirmation of orders

Free yourself from assigning orders manually, let your business scale-up with auto confirmation of orders.

Auto assignment of

Move towards scalability with auto assignment of drivers. Save time and resources for expanding your business.

Real-time order management

A single panel with multiple features like viewing order and delivery status, lets you have a look of your entire business flow.

Trusted by the best in the world

An experience, so enriched,
that it brings them again.

To provide a user friendly experience to your customers,
the hyperlocal order and delivery software suit comes
with a customer app with features like simple sign-up,
smart product discovery, multiple payment options
and live order tracking.



An app which lets your merchant manage their entire flow

Our order and delivery software comes with a merchant app
to let your merchants manage their online businesses better
with features like instant push notifications and
controlling product status.

Get the products
delivered on time

From pick-up to delivery, the driver app allows the drivers
to manage the deliveries faster with the combined effect of
features like instant push notifications, live GPS tracking,
along with viewing stats and incentives.




Ordering & Delivery Software
for all type of industries

Get your

business up & running

within 20 days.

Split payment

service integrations
like Stripe and Viva Wallet.

We bring

constant updates

as per the market dynamics to suit your business.

Third party delivery service

integrations like Stuart
to deliver it for you.


for each setting to better guide
your through the platform.

ticket support

Compacted with
the most powerful

tools for
your business



Unfold a new
way to deliver

Powerful features like frictionless order placement, auto-confirmation of orders and GPS enabled driver app helps you deliver in minimum time.

A pivotal panel to superwise

Ultimate Platform to monitor your online store

The real-time Order Management Panel not only lets you manage your business
by controlling orders and deliveries but also lets you assign drivers.

Powered By

The Best in Class

Relies on the industry-leading technology providers for a powerful backbone.

boost your sales with

automated delivery software

No more assigning the drivers manually as with scalability
comes Autozod which lets you assign them automatically
and get your business managed better.

We’re as good as they say we are

frequently asked questions

Got Questions? Look Here

What security do you provide in case of the cyber attack?

We have never faced such an attack. We protect the data through Cloudflare service and provide free SSL certificate for protecting your website. In case there is a breach, we provide data back up every 3 hours.

Does your order and delivery software gives the option of Id verfication?

Yes, our hyperlocal order and delivery software is integrated with Berbix which is a third party for Id verification. However, it is optional. One can enable or disable as per his requirement.

How can I do away with manually confirming the orders as it takes a lot of time?

With our hyperlocal delivery software, you can put your orders on auto-confirmation mode which will confirm the orders automatically instead of manually assigning them. This not only saves time but resources as well.

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