Hyperlocal Grocery Ordering and Delivery Solution

Give spark to your business with a powerful
hyperlocal grocery ordering and delivery solution.

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Auto confirmation of orders

Scale your business by auto confirmation of orders. Assure your customers of their order deliveries without unnecessary delay.

Auto assignment of drivers

Save time and resources by eliminating manual assignment of drivers and concentrate more on business growth.


Our hyperlocal grocery ordering and delivery solution give you absolute control over where you deliver by drawing Geofences covering the areas.

Expert Advice

Get access to important business data generated by powerful statistical tools to let you track and get the most out of your business.

Freedom to Vendors

Let no order go unattended. We designed the
merchant app for quick and easy management
to give you an edge over your competitors.
Powered with features like:

Instant Push Notifications

User-Friendly Interface

Control Store Availability

Easy Order Dispatch

Complete Admin Control

View the business flow on the admin panel, with features giving you a glance at the minutest details to help you scale-up. Our hyperlocal grocery ordering solution lets you have a complete grip over the business.

Growth Specific Statistics

Live Detailed Reports

Effortless Payment Gateway Integration

Promotion and SEO

Hassle-free Tool for Multi-Vendor Management

Our specially designed tools leave no stone unturned
to make your business powerful and streamlined

Powered By

The Best in Class

Relies on the industry-leading technology providers for a powerful backbone.

Our Product

We take care of your business

Our six dynamic products working in sync ensure reliable and
faster growth of your grocery business.

Customer App

A user-friendly app to let your customers have a frictionless journey from sign-up to live-order tracking.

Driver App

An essential part of the order and delivery process, GPS enabled driver app lets you manage orders better by performing faster delivery.

Merchant App

Instant push notifications let no order go unattended. Helps perform faster delivery by making the merchant’s work ordered and quick.


Assign the drivers automatically with Autozod. Save time and resources to further scale your business.

Admin Panel

A single panel embedded with tools like real-time order management, business statistics, etc. to give you a better insight into your business.

Customer Website

A user-friendly and responsive website with multiple storefronts not only gives your customers an enriched experience but also improves your brand visibility.

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frequently asked questions

Got Questions? Look Here

Can the merchants shape their own delivery area?

Yes, with our geofencing feature, the merchant can draw the delivery area of any shape and size and on any geographical terrain.

How can a driver sign up with my online business?

Our hyperlocal grocery delivery solution provides two ways through which a driver can sign up. First, the admin can onboard the driver by filling his details from the backend. Second, the driver can sign up from the website directly by filling the form.

How many payment gateways are supported by the hyperlocal grocery ordering and delivery solution?

Hyperzod is integrated with several globally used payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal and Utrust.

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