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Go Hyperlocal, Go Big!
Get hyperlocal ecommerce apps to revolutionize your business.

Scalable features you can count on

Stay ahead of the curve with our constantly evolving hyperlocal eCommerce app,
tailored to meet the ever-changing market trends.


Optimize with automation in our eCommerce app, delivering increased efficiency & freeing up time & resources.

White label apps

Your business, your logo, your brand. Get a 100% white-label hyperlocal eCommerce app.

Regular updates

Stay ahead of the competition with our multi vendor ecommerce app, featuring the latest and most advanced features.

24/7 support

Fuel your growth through our hyperlocal ecommerce app, offering advanced support to help you stay ahead in race.

Developed keeping your
typical operations in mind

Effortlessly scale your business with our no-code hyperlocal eCommerce app,
loaded with versatile features to meet your needs.

Effective Marketing

Leverage customer data and dynamic promotions tools like coupons to boost your loyal customer base.


Maximize your delivery efficiency by drawing delivery areas and reaching your customers quickly.

Push Notification

Keep your customers and other parties updated with Firebase-enabled push notifications.

Multiple Language

Remove language barriers and increase accessibility by offering multilingual multi vendor ecommerce app

Ordering App

From simple sign-up to live order tracking, our ordering
app delivers the convenience your customers desire.

Location-based search

Smart product discovery

Multiple payment options

Merchant App

Processing orders and Controlling stocks on the fly

Easy product upload

Order reports

Quick order processing

Driver App

Ideal for instant goods delivery

GPS-enabled map navigation

Monitor earning

Sound alerts

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The Best in Class

Relies on the industry-leading technology providers for a powerful backbone.

Businesses We Serve

Start hyperlocal marketplace that caters all

From food to electronics, stationary to clothing, big or small,
Our hyperlocal ecommerce apps let you manage all.
Ordering app of Bouquet Delivery solution

frequently asked questions

Got Questions? Look Here

Is the ordering app integrated with Stripe and PayPal for easy payments by the customers?

Yes. We have integrated multiple payment gateways from around the globe. Apart from Stripe and PayPal, our multi vendor ecommerce app is integrated with Coinbase as well to facilitate payment through cryptocurrencies.

How the orders are assigned to the drivers?

The orders are assigned automatically to the drivers through AUTOZOD. As soon as the order is accepted by the merchant, the most suitable driver gets the delivery assignment automatically.

Can the products be uploaded in bulk using the merchant app?

Yes, the products along with their details can be easily uploaded in bulk using the merchant app.

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