Effectively choose the right software for online restaurant delivery business

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” – Bill Gates The restaurant industry over the last decade or so has witnessed a major change in the way its processes are carried out. It is a constantly evolving playing field. Business practices that used to be prevalent at one point in time are becoming phased out at a pace quicker than ever, in favour of faster and more

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How to Start a Hyperlocal Delivery Marketplace

“Companies that invest more in digital transformation actually outperform their peers over time. These companies are more prepared for disruption, better able to monetize new digital channels, and better able to build a bigger user base. What’s more, this phenomenon exists regardless of industry.” – Geoff Cubitt Have you ever spared a thought over the term ‘hyperlocal’ business? Or have you ever really wondered what it means? If not yet, hurry thinking about it, because the

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Benefits of an online ordering and delivery software

“Everything is online. And you can be everything.” The Internet is a great equalizer. It sanctions a level playing field for all the business concerns. Not limiting itself to any particular area of business operation, a sensible concern, without exceptions should strive to go online, for what ‘goes online, goes miles’ in today’s world. online ordering and delivery software Practically, online buying is geographically widespread and its world has become pretty big. The pressing need for

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Starting an Online Food Ordering and Delivery Business: Benefits and Challenges

Consumers around the world are realising the value of time and therefore their patience level is going down, especially, when it comes to things that could be automated with the available technology. It’s now becoming increasingly important for businesses to go online. In order to thrive in the modern economy, the choice between going online or not is becoming less of a choice by every passing day. Businesses that are equipped to go online, therefore, have

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